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for businesses and organizations that strive for sustainability and better society.


So what makes us different from all the other SEO companies out there? Well, to start, we are a young vibrant company that creates new and innovative ways to get your business found by customers and we have decades of experience in real authentic marketing. We are not your run-of-the mill internet marketing company, in fact we dislike traditional “marketing” because it tends to be fake. We strive to create real connections with people that leave a lasting impression. This is one reason why we CHOOSE our clients. We’re picky who we share our talents and time with, we won’t just work with anyone. We want to work with people who have a vision for a better world, who are creating services and content that help rather then hinder. Our mission is to help get your vision out into the world in the biggest, most honest way we can – through authentic experience and innovative strategy. So whether you’re an organic pest management company or and alternative medicine practitioner or a transformational music festival we want to get you found, because we know that the more people that can find GOOD businesses like yours, the better our world is going to be.

We <3 optimists and visionaries



They say BIGGER IS BETTER. But in our case small is HUGE – when it comes to service. We are a small company with a small, but growing team of dedicated specialists. We only take on a minimum number of clients at a time so we can FOCUS on each of those clients to give them top notch service. We have noticed that a lot of people have become disenchanted by large SEO firms where they become just a number and services are outsourced to other countries. We’re going to play it straight with you, no gimmicks, no games. Our small dedicated team is based right here in the US on both coasts.



We are not fans of dishonesty, which is why our business model is to be open and transparent with our clients. That’s the world we want to live in. We have have seen a pattern unfolding in the SEO market where people buy into a monthly service and think they are working with a US based SEO company, only to have that “service” then outsourced to another less expensive company in other countries without the client even having a clue! On top of that the work that is being done is not honest or sustainable for the business – Google penalizes many of the aggressive tactics used by these companies. We’re not going to name names, but we don’t think it’s right.

SEO can be a complicated beast, which is why we started Bueno Social, to provide GOOD, simple and honest services.

Forward Thinking

We address your marketing and web presence needs so you can focus on making the world a better place.

A Digital Agency

We are location independent and travel throughout the East and West coasts.

Problem Solvers

We help you come up with creative solutions to getting your name and mission seen online.

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