"When I met Kendra, I was in a lot of pain, and nothing I did seemed to make a difference. She dove in headfirst, and gave me her complete focus and support. Kendra challenged me, taught me a ton of amazing things I didn't think I could do, showed me how to think positively, and work on my issues myself. At times, her analysis of my pain bordered on prescient, and we always made progress, even when a way forward was unthinkable to me. Kendra always amazed me with her dedication, support, generosity, and passion for teaching. I feel I will benefit from the things I learned for the rest of my life, and I am truly grateful."

- W.M.

I can do back bends.  Even with my hefty 6'3" 280 body, Kendra had the know how and the experience to make me feel safe and utilize the proper props I could easily use at home to continue my practice on my own and after 6 months I'm down to a more manageable 230#.  Kendra infuses her skills and spirit as an artist into her work as a Yoga teacher. Her notes are precise and several months later I can easily follow her illustrations of poses from sequences taught long ago.  Kendra has changed my life in ways unimaginable.  Not only is she my Yoga teacher,  she is my counselor and trusted friend.  I can't find enough words to describe how much its been worth to me.  Priceless.  Thanks Kendra!!"


“Kendra Renzoni is a true teacher and student of Yoga with all its components.  She is gentle, smart, energetic and kind.  She has an infectious laugh and spirit.  Her classes are beginner to intermediate  and above.  She doesn't want anyone to limit themselves, but is aware of limitations!  She is awesome!”

- L. B. C.

​"Dear Kendra, I am reading Iyengar's Tree of Yoga, and I have to tell you that I immediately thought of YOU when I read this passage in the section On Teachers and Teaching:

The teacher should be clear, clever, confident, challenging, caring, cautious, constructive, courageous, comprehending, creative, completely devoted and dedicated to knowing the subject, considerate, conscientious, critical, committed, cheerful, chaste and calm.  Teachers must be strong and positive in their approach.  They must be affirmative to create confidence in the pupils, and negative within themselves so that they can reflect critically on their own practice and attitudes.  Teachers must always be learning.  They will learn from their pupils and must have the humility to tell them that they are still learning their art.  

Kendra, this is exactly my perception of YOU!  You are a great teacher according to BKS Iyengar.  And an exceptional teacher according to me. "


“Kendra is an amazing instructor and overall just an amazing person! She emits positivity and so much joy; no matter how you feel going into one of her classes, you will come out feeling wonderful, relaxed, and with a smile on your face. She works with each of her students on a personal level and really gets to know what you can and cannot do. She doesn't pressure you, but she is dedicated to helping you succeed. While physical strength, repair, and wellness are important in her classes, a major component is mental and spiritual peace. She sings beautiful mantras, teaches amazing virtues, and tells hilarious stories.”


“I've been taking classes with Kendra since the summer at Serenity in South Hadley. As someone new to yoga, Kendra is an amazing instructor. She teaches techniques to make the poses accessible to students at all levels. She's also fun to work with and I leave every class feeling energized.”

- K. G.

“Kendra is the best!  She is immensely passionate about yoga, philosophy, body alignment, and most of all her students.  She is a life changing teacher and one you won't forget.  Since my class with Kendra, my life has changed in a way I could never have imagined.  I have had the opportunity to work with her in group classes at Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, one on one, and have also received Shiatsu massage with her.  Her classes are fun and light hearted.  And while you are often challenged physically and mentally in the practice of yoga, Kendra provides a safe and comfortable space for everyone no matter what level of experience you have.  She is supportive, flexible (not just physically LOL), and compassionate to each of her students based on their individual needs, abilities, and injuries.  Kendra is without a doubt the best teacher you will come across and I can't encourage anyone enough to take a class with her to experience all that she has to offer you.”

- K.L.

“I've been doing yoga with Kendra for over a year now and I love it and her! She is a wonderful instructor who makes you feel great about yourself and also makes you want to do better. If you're looking for a boost in flexibility and overall health, I highly recommend her.”

-H. L

“Kendra is a very intuitive yoga instructor and I love her classes!  She is an awesome teacher who believes in the philosophy and wisdom she imparts!  I have been taking classes with her for about 4 months and have enjoyed every moment!  I was nervous about joining the yoga world but Kendra made my entrance very easy and changed my perspective on a lot of things!  I work in Physical Therapy and highly recommend her to some of my patient's who are interested!  She knows when to give feedback to make you more successful!  Serenity Yoga studio is where I met Kendra and I am very thankful to have both in my life!! A truly wonderful yoga instructor! I started attending her classes a few years back and have followed her wherever she's gone. She is high spirited, energetic, and so positive. You can't help but leave her class refreshed and wanting more. I think what I love the most are the bits of wisdom she shares in all of her classes. I’ve also attended other yoga classes with other instructors but I've never learned as much as I have with Kendra because she really breaks down the poses and teaches proper alignment of each pose. Truly wonderful! I'd highly recommend her and her classes!”

- R.S.C.

“I've been studying with Kendra for almost 5 years. I've tried a lot of yoga studios and teachers in the area and she is by far one of the best. She really knows how to integrate the physical practice of yoga with the wisdom and beauty of yoga. She offers individual adjustments and alternate poses if needed. Kendra is an incredibly experienced, mindful, and positive teacher who brings enthusiasm and warmth to her teaching.

I can't say enough.......”


“Yoga has been in life for many years.  I was intrigued by the obvious physical benefits.  The asana practice was a kind of an insurance policy for an active life style and it enable's your body to stay strong and flexible all of your life.  More recently I have found that yoga can be so much more off of the mat.  Anyone who has taken a class with Kendra understands how she weaves the yoga sutras into each carefully planned class. These ancient sage words, and Kendra's understanding of them drew me into taking a personal journey down a path to the unknown and private lessons.  Kendra has many gifts; one of them is being a very empathic listener.  After listening to my stories...she gave me a goal of not taking things so personally.    I had no idea how much work this would be.   I started learning the lessons of the Sutra's and would try to apply them to my life and then try to practice and experience them.  Under her gentle guidance I started my journey INwards.  I have learned so many things, but the most surprising thing was that the answers that I was looking for were inside of me all along.  Letting go of my egoic thoughts have begun the awakening of my heart, mind and spirit, and moved me ever closer to my goal.”   


“Try going to a Kendra Renzoni yoga class and not leaving with a smile - I dare you! I have kept coming back to Kendra's classes over the last 2 years because of her amazing ability to teach phenomenal yoga classes that always making you love and appreciate what your body can do, while leaving your ego on the mat. Kendra is an amazing yoga instructor, who I highly recommend.”

-A. G.

“Kendra is amazing!  She is a great yoga instructor and provides incredible guidance and wisdom during her classes.  I have spent a year working with her and just keep signing up for more.  She is great with beginners, but really helps people grow at their own pace.  She offers alternative poses when needed and is able to manage a class of many people operating at different levels.  Kendra has great energy and brings a positive mind set to each class.  Her laugh and her spirit are contagious.  You will have a wonderful time in any of her classes.”

-R. A.

Kendra is amazing. Her energy, thoughtfulness and care combine to make for a fun, hands-on and learning yoga experience. Her mix of wisdom and humor make her classes so enjoyable, whether you're on point that day or the struggle bus.

I've been unable to attend her class for the past month or two due to injury (mom yoga reason!) and cannot wait to get back. Never thought I'd be someone to talk about 'my yoga instructor' and now cannot imagine anyone other than Kendra teaching me yoga!”

- A. E.

“Kendra's classes are thoughtful and thought provoking. They test your limits and allow you to fail, isn't that a wonderful thing? I couldn't ask for more in one class or one person.”

-E. B.

Go for the wisdom, stay for the joy. What more do you need?”

- E. M.

I started my yoga practice again about 9 months ago and was fortunate enough to stumble into Kendra's class. I was completely moved by her teachings and the way she conducted herself. I kept going to her classes and became more and more confident in my practice. I then signed up for a personal lesson and absolutely got hooked. Not only does Kendra deepen my strength in yoga poses but also listens to my thoughts and body to figure out what I need from her during our time. I always leave feeling more put together and complete when I leave her. I will continue to see her and I recommend anyone on the fence about trying either her class or private sessions to just do it. You will have no regrets! Thank you Kendra!”


“Kendra, I just have to tell you- I love your classes. You are authentic and not afraid of doing something "wrong" as a yoga teacher. You speak your mind and share your experience. You're not afraid of someone chiming in to either ask a question or make a connection to what you're saying. This creates so much openness and room for learning, which I really appreciate. You are real and that's one of the things we love about you.

You also are an incredible teacher. You know your stuff and would rather see someone take a long time to actually learn how to do a pose than just have them go through the motions doing it wrong. You just create such a wonderful environment for learning.”

-A. B.  


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