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Case Study

Mushroom Revival

The Challenge

Mushroom Revival is a start-up that needed to stand out in a growing and already crowded multi-billion dollar health supplement industry.

Our Solution

We created a unique branding solution, with a user-centric e-commerce experience, establishing MR as an innovative authority making their name synonymous with mushroom-based supplements.

    The Result

    Within a year we were able to position MR as an industry leader and grow their sales by over 200%. They are on track to triple that in Q1 of this year alone.

    Bueno Social was a one-stop-shop for taking our business to the next level!

    From launching our website to developing our marketing campaigns, they have been very professional and intentional with their approach. They deliver extraordinary results and have clear reporting and communication. We are grateful we found a reputable SEO company and plan on being a client for a long time! 5 stars!

    -Alex Dorr, Mushroom Revival





    Services Employed

    Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM)  | UX and Website Development  |  Branding and Messaging  |  Packaging Design  |  Content Strategy

    Our Success

    Within the first 6 weeks of launching the website, Mushroom Revival was already seeing great results in Organic search. By month 6, we had increased traffic to the website by 3X through our Organic search strategy. By the end of their first year in business, that number had grown by 7X. This growth resulted in almost DOUBLING Mushroom Revival’s sales revenue.

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